No. All financial matters between a buyer and a seller must be fully disclosed on your settlement statement. All means all, and full disclosure means full disclosure. If there’s an assignment fee, it’ll show up on the settlement statement. Other profit sources? They’ll be there too. And, truthfully, that’s what you should want as well.

So. We will not use “blind” HUDs, ALTA settlement statements, or other closing disclosures to help you conceal how much money you’re making.

Here’s the thing. Assignment fees and the like are material to your transaction, and keeping them under wraps could lead to accusations of fraud. That’s bad. That’s really bad.

But that said. We’ve handled thousands of investor closings over the years, and every single one of them has fully disclosed how much each investor was making on the deal. The number of times a seller has walked away from the table because of an investor’s profit is exactly zero. Or nil, if you like soccer. Soccer is pretty cool. So, nil then.

You’re a real estate investor. Everyone expects you to make a reasonable amount of money with every closing. If you didn’t, then there’d be no reason to start investing in the first place, right? So be proud of what you do. Be honest and respectful in how you deal with your buyers and sellers. You’ll go far.

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