Nope. A title search and a survey are two totally different things.

Navigating the Legal Maze with a Title Search

Imagine a title search as your real estate detective. It’s a deep dive into the property’s past, rummaging through public records, old deeds, court cases, and more. The goal? To piece together the property’s ownership history like a puzzle, ensuring the seller really can pass the keys to you. But it’s not just about ownership; it’s also about unearthing any hidden liens, claims, or other legal hiccups that could trip up your property dreams.

Survey: Mapping Your Real Estate Dreams

A survey, on the other hand, is like having an expert explorer charting your land. Conducted by a licensed surveyor, it’s a visual guide to your property’s physical features – from boundaries to the brick and mortar standing on it. Think of it as a treasure map that outlines everything from easements to encroachments, showing you exactly what you’re getting, down to every inch of land and its relation to the neighborhood.

The Dynamic Duo: Title Search & Survey

So, what’s the big difference? It’s all about perspective. A title search zeroes in on the legalities – the who, what, and how of ownership. The survey, though, is all about the tangible – the where and the extent of your property. Together, they’re the dynamic duo of real estate, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting into, both legally and physically.

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